Nissan Of Vidalia - Why change out the tires and where is the key?

Glennville, Georgia 0 comments

I accuired a 2009 Nissan Altama from the dealership in Vidalia Georgia 2 weeks ago.The vehicle had profile tires on it that were in bad shape I requested new tires I was told that the tires would come off a new car because they had a woman that was interested in the profile tires.

well, it was raining and I had been there most of the day. So when I drove off with the car I diden't look at the tires and went home. Then I went to work. The next morning I noticed the tires were balding on the outside of the front tires as if they were rotated from a diffrent car.

All I want ore the original new tires that belong with the car. Also I was given only 1 key to the car when I asked about the other key I was told I would have to pay $115.00 for a key to the car???????

If you could look into this situation I would appreciate it and let me know what the out come is please.Also, I really do love my new car.

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